Business Plans
Gwyneth works with the management of the organization as a trusted business advisor and assists in clearly identifying all the elements of a successful business plan.
Gwyneth then prepares the complete package for review by management and final presentation to the financial institutions.
This is achieved with integrity and ultimate regard for the sensitivity of the client.

Financial Analysis
A simple examination of processes currently in place may uncover areas in need of updating or fine tuning. In other instances Gwyneth may prepare a full set of accounting procedures for your growing organization.

Controllership Functions
Gwyneth’s many years as Nexicom’s Controller have given her the tools to quickly and effectively put in place the necessary procedures for proper financial corporate governance.

Project Management
Projects come in all sizes and complexities. With her organizational abilities, Gwyneth is able to clearly identify all the steps for the successful completion of the project.

Strategic Planning Facilitation
Planning for the future of your business takes dedication and focus. Gwyneth is able to inspire people to look at the business, both now and in the future, with a fresh look. While respecting the past, Gwyneth challenges the key stakeholders to look at
the business and the future in a new light.